NEWS (KENYA): L-Jay Maasai Slays it in New 'Sigogo' Gospel Dance Video

We’ve seen some amazing some amazing Gospel dance videos this year, from Bahati’s award winning song ‘Lover’ and now thanks to L-Jay Maasai we have the ‘Sigogo’ dance.

It’s the new dance in town and it’s catching on quite quickly thanks to its simplicity. I mean it’s so easy to do that having two left feet isn’t a real excuse.

On to the song itself, it sounds like the producer ‘itsmajic’ borrowed a note or two from Mafikizolo but no complaints here, it sounds absolutely marvelous and its simply irresistible to bob your head to it. Though I wish I knew what the words in the hook meant.

Check out ‘Sigogo’ by L-Jay Maasai;

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