Meet the drum maestro, Marvin Maveke

It’s not often that the people who make artists sound perfect and give them their sound and tune are brought out into the lime light but Marvin Maveke, who plays for Erick Wainaina's band, Best Band Africa is a man of few words who has withstood the test of times to work with some of the most accomplished musicians in Africa.

Being one of the most talented and experienced drummist in the 254, the 29 year old drummist who is left handed is a humble character who has had to endure his fair share of challenges in the music scene before developing himself into one of the most sought after drummist in the country.

" Being left handed has its own difficulties, I think I would have been a better drummist than I am right now if I was right- handed", he said in an exclusive interview with Mdundo.

“Playing at gigs also doesn’t pay my bills so I have to balance between a day job and my drumming”

Apart from music Marvin also engages in society work through his foundation ‘The Music Culture Foundation’ that deals with identifying the gap between the qualities of education afforded to public primary schools and private schools.

“I founded this organization with the intent of introducing, exposing and developing young music talent in children who would otherwise have no access. The organization is driven by a strong belief in the importance of education in Arts and Culture in children’s growth and development.

With so many achievements under his belt so far, the sky is beyond the limit for Marvin as he plans to achieve greater things.

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