NEW MUSIC (KENYA): Former Diplomat Turned Singer, Gilad Drops New Jam 'Rangi Ya Bahari' Featuring Gachago

I remember the first song Gilad did with Wendy Kimani and I remember thinking how good it was. ‘Unajua’ was a complete ear-worm (you know one of those songs that get stuck in your mind all day) and yes it was stuck in my mind all week thanks to the radio.

But then I also remember thinking there’s no way he can pull off something that big again then came ‘Sema Milele’ and boy was I wrong.

And today Gilad has done it again with his new song ‘Rangi Ya Bahari’. This time he features up and coming Gachago who also impresses in the song.

The video as the song suggests is shot somewhere along the beautiful coast of Kenya, perfect setting for any great music video in my opinion.

In the video Gilad stars as a love-struck fisherman daydreaming about his beautiful maiden, a perfect plot for such a beautiful song.

Check out Gilad’s new video below;

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