FRIDAY DJ MIXES: Your Weekly Dose Of Music Cocktails

You call them DJ's I think they are music benders. In the future the next avatar movie will have it as one of the powers trust me on this one.

Each bender is unique with some possessing more bending prowess than others. You don't think it's a power right? Who else would make you think about your ex, your current, mum, long lost friend, the money you don't have, vodka shots, Caro and Johnny in 3 minutes?

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What about those people that don't consider it a 'real' job just because they'd rather be behind a deck than a desk and those that think it's a saturated industry with everyone trying to make it. News flash we are all trying to make it whether as an accountant wearing a blue tie and white shirt with plaid trousers or a DJ with khaki pants white tshirt and red converse.

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That said and only remaining to be done, you may now indulge in acoustic pleasure as you swim take a walk in the realm of music, with this week's mixes courtesy of Dj Joe and Dj Sadic. 

Download DJ JOE MFALME - Friday Mix ft Rabbit, Khaligraph Jones, Octopizzo

Download DJ SADIC - Friday Mix ft DJ Sadic,Danny Gift,Joyce Omondi,Princess Farida,Bahati,Elsie,Christ Cysoz

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