WOMAN CRUSH WEDNESDAY: Tanzania's Beauty On The Beat, Dayna Nyange!

First time my ears picked up the sounds of this songbird, it was almost as if the angels came down and whispered in my ears; I could almost touch the music she made and at that very moment the bold line of dimensions that renders sound intangible, seemed to fade. Dear reader, I could smell colour and see sound! All because of this Bongo nightingale, Dayna Nyange, our WCW today.

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'I Do' was her first song which I ever listened to, and ever since I cannot perceive music the same way. Her lyricism, calm ability and golden voice is what makes her more than just another music act from Tanzania.

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She has a couple of other collaborations, popular most being 'Nitulize' alongside rap act Nay Wa Mitego who synergized just perfectly with Dayna. She doesn't have many songs to her name, but the few she does are masterpieces that would make Mozart break a tear with pride.

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Discover Dayna Nyange through the link below and get to know of a world where music walks amongst people!





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