NEW MUSIC (KENYA): Forget 'Fimbo Ya Tatu', O-Mae's New Song 'Wale Tulikesha' Is The Anthem Right Now!

If you thought Fimbo ya tatu from Grandpa was anything, then wait until you hear 'WALE TULIKESHA'' a Basslyn Music production Take one, give it an ear and you will be amazed with the talent in it, despite the fact that it does not feature established artists, it showcases the best of the best in upcoming talent.


This is the song that will keep you on the dance floor for a long time. It’s based on those who know what working hard is. ''Sisi ndio wale tulikesha, Kesha, Niwale wale tulikesha, kesha, Wengine wanapandwa pressure kwa vile wanaskia si ndio tunapata pesa, Pes, Ni wale wale tulikesha, Kesha, Ni wale wale tulikesha, Kesha, Ile design tunaspend utajua si ndio wale wale wale Tulikesha, Kesha''. As the chorus goes its self explanatory.

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Produced by O-Mae the song features FD Boy, Ken Kennah, Wilhelmus, Darin, O-Mae Billy Raptivist, & Lil mel, The beat is a banger no doubt. And now you can get it below for free!

Download Basslyn (BMM) Embakasi - WALE TULIKESHA ft. FD Boy, Ken kennah, Wilhelmus, Darin, O-Mae, Billy, Lil Mel

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