JAM OF THE WEEK: If You Don't Like This, Then You Might As Well Seek Medical Advice!

Every once in a while, out of mere nothingness, the big bang happens and a universe is born. We may not be able to exactly pin point the origin of our universe with all its stars, but Mdundo is certailny able to tell you the genesis of at least one star: Njeri.

Njeri, is a Kenyan Female singer/song-writer, who prides herself in having roots in Kiambu and her debut hit single 'Nduta' tells her story in intricating detail.

Released back in June, this song has had Kenyan music lovers unable to keep track of their 'chills' and despite being two months down the sands of time, 'Nduta' is still a collosal piece!

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Why? Well perhaps because Njeri pushes rap bounderies by adapting a multi-lingual flow, playing around with her nativity and urbanisation: she mixes Swahili, English and Kikuyu and the result is a cocktail none can resist!

There's possibly no better way to kick start your week than with this song. Nduta by Njeri:



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