Download MP3: 'Be Easy' By Beni Boyz

[Image Source: Beni Boyz]

Writer: Branice Nafula

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Congolese dynamic duo, Beni Boyz continue to make waves this year with their inspiring new single, “Be Easy.”

Produced by the incredibly talented Jazz On The Beat, "Be Easy" is more than just a song—it's a motivational anthem. This track encourages listeners to persevere through challenging times and never give up on their dreams. The Beni Boyz deliver a powerful message, reminding everyone that resilience and determination are key to overcoming life's obstacles.

In a world filled with negativity and hardship, "Be Easy" offers a much-needed dose of positivity and hope. Its timely release serves as a reminder of the importance of staying strong and optimistic, even in the face of adversity.

With "Be Easy," the Beni Boyz showcase not only their musical talent but also their commitment to making a positive impact through their art. Their ability to blend catchy rhythms with profound messages sets them apart as influential voices in the music industry, inspiring countless fans to keep pushing forward.

Composed of Black Smith (Gloire Muyale) and Suagga D (Divin San Tibasima), originally from Beni in the Democratic Republic of Congo and raised in Uganda, the Beni Boyz are signed under Musoni Music. They stormed the music scene with their debut EP ‘Matter,’ featuring tracks like ‘Matter,’ ‘Boy Alone,’ and ‘My Woman.’

Versatile songwriters and composers, the Beni Boyz specialize in Bongo, Lingala, and Afro music genres. Don't miss out on the uplifting vibes of "Be Easy"—stream it now and let the Beni Boyz inspire you to stay resilient and hopeful!

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