Meet the Mdundo Mixer Moderators and DJ of the Night

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Writer: Branice Nafula

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As the Mdundo mixer Dday  get s closer we give you the opportunity to meet the guy that will be incharge of your entartainment for the eveing. 

Muriuki Kiai is a dynamic moderator and a prominent figure in Africa's music industry. With a wealth of experience, particularly in copyright law, she brings a unique perspective to her role as a Data & Copyright Analyst at Mdundo. Muriuki's expertise extends beyond the legal realm; she's renowned for her exceptional hosting skills, having conducted engaging IG Live interviews with some of the continent's most notable music stars.

As the official moderator of the Mdundo Story, Muriuki has demonstrated her ability to create an atmosphere where interviewees feel comfortable and are willing to share exclusive insights. Her knack for making guests feel at ease allows for candid and expressive conversations, often resulting in the revelation of insider information.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Muriuki is the founder of Kiota, an initiative that seeks to empower new breastfeeding mothers. This is a strong passion point for Muriuki. Additionally, she hosts an X-rated podcast, showcasing her versatility and willingness to delve into diverse topics.

Muriuki's achievements have garnered attention from various media outlets, with features in The Parents' Magazine, The Standard, and Nairobian newspapers. Her multifaceted skill set, combined with her passion for music and copyright law, positions her as a leading figure shaping the landscape of Africa's music industry.

Muthoni - Muthoni Irungu is a vibrant media personality and digital presenter at Pulse Live Kenya. With a proven history of hosting notable events such as the Pulse Influencer Awards, she infuses the moderator's seat with energy, insight, and a touch of feminine flair. Prepare for an engaging discussion led by Muthoni Irungu.

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