'Kamua Leo' star Kidis new video set for release!

It’s hard to forget the amazing delivery Grandpa Record’s signee Kidis brought out in his debut single ‘Twajichanganya' (Kamua Leo Remix) that featured coastal beauty Amileena, Wyre and DNA.

He is back to win over more fans with his new single ‘Full Shangwe’.

Having revealed to Mdundo late last month that he is working on a new song, Kidis has kept up his determination to fulfill his promise to the fans and for the past one week he has been busy working on the video shoot and all that is left now is editing and the official launch.

“I have been busy the last few days shooting the new video making sure it’s all set and God willing I hope the video will be out by this week," said Kidis over a phone interview with Mdundo.

According to Kidis the new track is a celebration song that will come in handy as Kenya celebrates 50 years of independence.

Full Shangwe will be the second release off his new 10 track album under Grandpa Records ‘Kamua Leo’.

Download his songs via the link tagged below.

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