The Freshout Podcast With DJ Tohbahd

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Writer: Great Ekama

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In the realm of music, DJs stand as unsung heroes, the masterminds behind the amazing DJ mixes pulsating beats and electrifying energy that fuel the party's vibrancy. Yet, behind the scenes, amidst the dimly lit booths and tangled wires, lies a world of untold stories and captivating experiences.

In this episode of the Freshout Podcast, DJ TohBahd unveils a treasure trove of hilarious moments while sharing his audacious vision for transforming the DJ industry. He proposes innovative approaches to pricing DJ services, enhancing artistic mastery, and maintaining the pinnacle of success.

The Freshout podcast emerges as a refreshing breath of air in the DJ domain. It serves as a platform for DJs to exchange experiences, foster connections, and elevate their profession. It serves as a potent reminder that DJs transcend mere entertainers; they embody artists, entrepreneurs, and innovators who play a pivotal role in shaping the soundscape that enriches our lives.

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