The Inspiration Behind Mr Eazi’s New Song ‘Exit’ Ft Soweto Choir

[Mr Eazi/Bella Naija]
Written by Pharis Kinyua

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In the ever-evolving landscape of African music, Mr Eazi continues to be a beacon of innovation, always ready to explore new horizons and embrace diverse influences. His latest offering, ""Exit,"" is a testament to this spirit of exploration. The song features a collaboration with the three-time Grammy-winning and iconic South African ensemble, Soweto Gospel Choir, and is layered with the infectious production of Grammy-winning Nigerian beatmaker, Kel-P.

""Exit"" takes listeners on a spiritual journey, immersing them in a harmonious blend of musical traditions that transcends boundaries and speaks to the soul. The song's resonance is elevated by its accompanying video, which unfolds against the breathtaking backdrop of South Africa's Drakensberg, the oldest mountain range on the planet.

The collaboration between Mr Eazi and Soweto Gospel Choir is a meeting of musical excellence. Soweto Gospel Choir, renowned for their powerful and uplifting performances, has garnered global acclaim with their three Grammy wins and a place in the hearts of music lovers worldwide. This collaboration with Mr Eazi brings their harmonious voices and inspirational energy to the forefront once again.

Kel-P, the acclaimed Nigerian beatmaker who has worked with some of the biggest names in the music industry, contributes his signature production to ""Exit."" His infectious beats and rhythms provide the perfect foundation for the song's exploration of spiritual themes and cultural connections.

The ""Exit"" video is a visual masterpiece, perfectly complementing the song's spiritual themes. It transports viewers to the breathtaking Drakensberg mountains, a place steeped in history and natural beauty. Set amidst the oldest mountain range on Earth, the video captures the essence of the song's message and adds a layer of transcendence to the overall experience.

The breathtaking landscape of the Drakensberg becomes a character in its own right, mirroring the song's message of unity, spirituality, and the beauty of diversity. As Mr Eazi and the Soweto Gospel Choir perform, the visuals capture the essence of their collaboration, creating a sense of connection between the artists, the music, and the natural world.

""Exit"" is more than just a musical collaboration; it's a celebration of unity and diversity. In a world where borders and boundaries can sometimes divide us, the song serves as a reminder that music has the power to bring people together. Mr Eazi's decision to join forces with Soweto Gospel Choir and Kel-P illustrates his commitment to transcending musical genres and exploring the universal themes that bind us all.

The song itself is a fusion of musical elements, combining the rich sounds of gospel music with contemporary African beats and rhythms. It's a joyful celebration of life, faith, and the shared human experience. As the Soweto Gospel Choir's powerful vocals soar alongside Mr Eazi's smooth delivery, ""Exit"" becomes a musical bridge that connects hearts and souls.

Mr Eazi's exploration of spiritual themes in ""Exit"" is a reflection of his personal journey and growth as an artist. Over the years, he has consistently pushed the boundaries of what African music can be, incorporating diverse influences and experimenting with new sounds. With ""Exit,"" he delves into the spiritual realm, using the power of music to evoke emotions and create a sense of unity.

The song is a departure from the ordinary, a musical journey that transcends the confines of genre and language. It's a testament to the power of collaboration and the ability of music to bridge cultural divides and connect people on a profound level.

""Exit"" is more than just a song; it's a divine musical offering that invites listeners to experience the beauty of unity and the magic of cultural diversity. As Mr Eazi, Soweto Gospel Choir, and Kel-P come together to create this harmonious masterpiece, they remind us that music has the power to elevate the spirit and touch the soul.

This new single by Mr Eazi serves as a musical sanctuary, a place where we can find solace and connection. It is a testament to the enduring power of music to inspire, uplift, and bring people together, transcending boundaries and leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those who listen. 

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