New Video Release: Thee Exit Band Unveils Vsuals "For Real"

Thee Exit Band are back with a brand new single dubbed "For Real" and this is for the lovebirds in the house.
For Real is all about a sweet and enduring love that stands the test of time. It beautifully captures the essence of a young love that grows old together, regardless of any differences that may arise. It's a celebration of the kind of love that we all hope to find and cherish
Yes, the boys decided to leave the background and grace fans with a new piece. Despite being on a 4-month hiatus on their personal projects, the three lads have been featured on great music projects which are on trend presently. This cements Thee Exit Band's place in the music industry as the best vocalists from Black Market Records.

Aside from releasing a couple of challenges to the song, For Real, on Tiktok the trio has premiered the official video on youtube.

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