Ethic Entertainment Makes a Triumphant Return with "Kunoma"

[Image: Ethic Entertainment]
Writer: Branice Nafula

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Get ready, Gengetone fans! Ethic Entertainment, the pioneers of the genre, are back with a bang. After dropping hits like "Dondoka," "Daktari," and "Tarimbo," they're back in the spotlight, and this time, it's as a trio.

Their latest release, "Kunoma," is a powerful statement. This track is the first glimpse into a larger project that takes a deep dive into the challenges of today's world. "Kunoma," which means tough, tells the story of struggling through a world where opportunities are scarce, self-esteem is on the line, and settling for less seems like the only option.

The magic behind "Kunoma" lies in its production. The track was expertly crafted by Brimm, a producer with an impeccable understanding of Ethic Entertainment's unique sound. Vic West handled recording and arrangement, and Motif brought it all together with his mixing and mastering skills. To make sure the visuals matched the power of the song, they teamed up with videographer Tevin.

The COVID-19 pandemic threw some curveballs their way, but Ethic Entertainment didn't stay quiet. They worked on solo and collaborative projects, all while carefully planning their comeback.

As they look ahead, Ethic Entertainment is embracing the future as a trio, following Rekles' departure. Fans can expect a fresh project dropping in mid-October, promising a new vibe while staying true to Gengetone's essence. Ethic Entertainment remains committed to the genre that made them a Kenyan music powerhouse, proclaiming, "Gengetone till we die."

In the face of adversity, they channel the spirit of Tupac Shakur, echoing his words: "We got to keep our heads up, even when the road is hard, never give up." "Kunoma" is more than a song; it's a symbol of their resilience, inspiring Gengetone fans everywhere to keep pushing forward, no matter the obstacles.

In a world that's undeniably "Kunoma," Ethic Entertainment reminds us to keep our heads high and persevere.

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