MDUNDO MUSIC AWARDS: Gospel Duo M.O.G Only Music Group In The Nominee List

They are one of the primeval gospel artists to make gospel music adorn a leather jacket and dark shades. They gave the genre a different sound maintaining the same conscious message and giving people a different image of a new era in gospel. Meet M.O.G people; The Men Of God and they are on Mdundo Music Award’s Most Downloaded Gospel Singles with their song, ‘Tosheka’.

This group has managed to remain relevant a time when the sands of time are burying most artists while maintaining to propel the same message that we knew them by and loved them for.   

With top notch lyricism, quality production and an infinite number of records, M.O.G are a name you can’t avoid mentioning whenever good Gospel music is the subject. And for this reason their fans have been donloading ‘Tosheka’ and put them alongside other Gospel legends>> MDUNDO MUSIC AWARDS: Gospel Artists Fighting? Find Out Why!

Sure we have seen them pull rabbits out of their hats before by giving us singles that we never expected, but this time to go up gainst the likes of Benachi, Willy Paul and the others, he needs more -  he needs a miracle! Will Jesus come wave his holy hand in M.O.G’s favor or wil they have the same odds as all the rest in the group?

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