Gospel Act Hopekid Nomimated For Prestigious Award!

“Delilah, the character in the Bible is known for the fall Samson, so nliona nitumie her name kama jina ya song yangu na in this case ‘Delilah’ inamaanisha wale watu wanataka kukuangusha ama hawataki kuona ukiendelea” Explained Gospel artist Hopekid in an earlier interview, in reference to his song ‘Delilah’.

It is this song then that sees him on the Most Downloaded Gospel Singles in the upcoming 2015 Mdundo Music Awards. The message he talks about above seems to have resonated with the people perfectly since masses have been getting their fingers numb on that ‘Download’ button.  

The dancehall feel artist Hopekid will be going up in this ‘holy war’ against Willy Paul, Bahati, DK Kwenye Beat and many more SEE HERE>>  MDUNDO MUSIC AWARDS: Gospel Artists Fighting? Find Out Why!

Will he come out victorious as the Israelites did in their battles or will he have to turn the other cheek in this fight? Let us know what you think

Art plays a major role of everyone’s life whether conscious or not. It holds history, secrets and day to day life messages people try to convey to the world. Music is one of the most widely used forms of art, and Gospel artist, Hope Kid knows best how to use the art to convey messages.


 MDUNDO MUSIC AWARDS: Gospel Artists Fighting? Find Out Why!

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