Crayon Ready to Release Debut Album

[Crayon/The Guardian Nigeria]
Written by Pharis Kinyua

Mavin Records star singer Crayon is ready to release his debut album.

The Afrobeats sensation says he never brought himself to the reality of releasing an album but he is now.
“The fact that I'm dropping my debut album is crazy! I never thought a day like this would come when I dey Teleloju Street for Ojo! Crazy! I'm Mad Excited!" he tweeted.
Since launching his music career in 2019, Crayon established himself as a phenomenal talent in Naija music industry.
The success of his 2022 hit single "Ijo (Laba Laba)," elevated him to a dependable chorus master whose lyrical talents enhance a record.
He released his first EP ‘Cray Cray’ in July 2019 after signing with Blowtime Entertainment.

The six-track EP highlighted his range of musical styles and abilities. The lively and infectious "So Fine," which received a lot of attention and became one of Crayon's breakthrough singles, serves as the EP's opening track.
‘Cray Cray’ was also defined by a catchy, Afrobeat-infused tone exemplified by the "Unusual" and the lyrical "Bamiloke.”

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He fused Afrobeats, pop, and R&B components which gave his catchy lyrics a fascinating sound.
In 2021, Crayon released a second EP ‘Twelve A.M’, a four-track project. The sophomore EP showcases his artistic development and his capacity as an artist to experiment more with different sounds.

On this one, he tries his hand by fusing dancehall, pop, and Afrobeats which created a musical masterpiece.
‘Twelve A,M’ four songs has each of them showcasing Crayon's lyrical breadth and versatility.
"In Sync," the EP’s debut single, he gave it a positive, and energetic feel with a catchy rhythm.

Another noteworthy collaboration that greatly enhanced the popularity of the EP is "Too Correct," which features Rema, an all-time Nigerian sensation.
With the success of his two EPs, his fans are optimistic that his debut album will be one to remember.

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