Young Jonn Teases New Song ‘Sharpally’

[Young Jonn/The Guardian Nigeria]
Written by Pharis Kinyua

Nigerian artist who doubles up as a producer Young Jonn, stirred excitement among his fans with a teaser of his upcoming song ‘Sharpally’. 
The teaser caught the attention of his fans who are in high anticipation for his soon-to-be his third offering of 2023. 

Young Jonn hasn’t disappointed his fans with the release of his own projects as a singer since he joined the Chocolate City label. 
He has an outstanding track record of generating chart-topping hits for some of the greatest names in the industry.
The ‘Sharpally’ teaser has sparked discussions on social media, despite the lack of a fixed release date. 

His fans couldn't help but make assumptions about the song's theme and potential performers.
He started the year on a high with the release of ‘Currency’ featuring Olamide and followed it up with ‘Aquafina’ which got his audience on the Amapiano hook. 

He masterfully combined his command of Amapiano with sensual lyrics in ‘Aquafina’ to convey the desperate longing for affection and attention in a one-sided relationship. 
This song, which has an Afrofusion undertone, was produced by Magicsticks.
The music video for this song was created by TG Omori, and features Young Jonn strolling across a colorful landscape while dramatizing a tumultuous love affair.

Given the high-level artistic craft in this song, ‘Sharpally’ could be even better. 

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