DJ Spinall Preparing New Album Inspired by Jay-Z’s Wild Party

[Photo/Naija Net Worth]
Written by Kinywa Mwangi

Celebrated Nigerian disc jockey DJ Spinall has relived details of his wildest party courtesy of American rapper Jay-Z which he has captured in his upcoming album. 

DJ Spinall claimed that Jay-Z flew him and his group from Lagos, Nigeria, to Los Angeles for a private party.
He couldn’t believe that on top of the celebrated rapper flying them thousands of miles from Africa to the US; he paid him in full. 

So wild was this party that he captures every moment of it in his forthcoming album as proof of his best moments as an African DJ. 
Most of his fans didn’t know that he ever entertained at such a magnificent party or about his upcoming album until he tweeted about it.

“The Don, Jay-Z booked me from Lagos Nigeria, Flew me & my big team to LA … Paid our full price too! No weak energy sh*t! It ended up being the wildest party I ever DJ’d – don’t ask me sh*t – I have an mp4 to back this up … wait for my next album!” read his tweet.

This will mark his seventh album release after his 2023 album ‘Top Bo’ which he released in February. 
The ‘Dis Love’ hitmaker is optimistic that the ‘Wild Party’ experience will shape his seventh album’s narrative and outlook. 

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