Simi Announces Release Date of First single in 2023 ‘Stranger’ 

[Photo/The Guardian Nigeria]
Written by Pharis Kinyua

Talented Nigerian singer Simi has announced that she will release her first single for 2023 ‘Stranger’ on June 9. 
Her fans pressured her to put out more music since it’s been over 10 months of no new hits from her.
‘Stranger’ is a follow up to her third studio album, 'TBH (To Be Honest)"" which she released in June 2022.  The album is an 11-track project featuring star singers like her husband Adenkule Gold and singer FAVE among others. 
Simi is all about being completely honest about everything, including love, life, and everything in between. She represents various realities on the 11-track album and she takes her fans to into an unfiltered state of mind with fearless confidence. 
While Simi’s past three albums were reflections of the events she was going through at the time, ‘To Be Honest’ represents her reintroduction and reinstatement of boundaries. 
The Nigerian diva was interviewed on her most recent album, her recent activities, the pressure to achieve, and the need to constantly improve.
“I wanted to be more in your face about certain things. So I was trying to think about what perspective because they already know I can sing, they already know I can write,” she tells Okey Africa. 

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