Rema’s New Music Video ‘Charm’ Redefines Artistic Creativity

[Rema/Kimbi Blog]

Written by Pharis Kinyua

Mavin Records artist Rema has released the official musical video for his new song ‘Charm’.

His distinctive vocal flow plays out in this new song with an infectious jumpy beat and a bouncy tempo to it. 
The new ‘Charm’ video, which is devoid of extraneous material, was directed by Perliks, Folarin Oludare, and Rema himself. It stars the singer and a vixen who also serves as her potential love interest. Rema deliver his lyrics in a seductive style and with a passionate voice. 

The visuals bring out the ‘Charm’ aspect by showing an emotional battle Rema fights whenever he sees the woman of his dreams. This music video captures Rema trying so hard not to fall into temptation but the more he tries, the harder it becomes to walk away from the fixation he has for his vixen. 

He keeps his distance from the woman at first, but as feelings intensify, he has no much of a choice other than getting close to her. Going by the lyrics, Rema brings some level of ‘humility’ since he begs the woman to ""drop your body armour"". At the same time, he reminds her of his wealth and ability to satisfy her needs.

As he extols the seductive allure of the woman from whom he expects equal measure of attention, his distinctive sluggish vocals smoothly merge in with the sensual rhythm and dance at the foreground.

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