Mr. Seed Opens Up On Battling Depression After Grisly Road Accident

[Image Source: Classic 105]
Written by Brian Sikulu

Gospel music star Mr. Seed has issued an update to the public on his health progression following a grisly road accident that took place on April 29, 2023. Mr. Seed and his fellow artist DK Kwenye Beat sustained serious injuries from the accident which claimed three lives.

Mr. Seed through a statement that he shared on his social media pages, pleaded with his fans to pray for him. According to 'Kumbe Kumbe' hitmaker, he has been paralyzed ever since the accident. He went ahead to point out that the accident pushed him into depression. The singer was, however, quick to shed some optimism citing that he will rise again.

“25 days on this bed not been able to walk or clean myself after the accident. This is depressing...Keep Praying for Mr Seed I will rise again,” Mr. Seed's social media post read.

Mr Seed's wife Nimo previously revealed that the unfortunate incident took place on their way to Nanyuki. The couple together with their close friends were in search of land. 

Mr. Seed's record label which doubles up as his management Starborn Empire expressed its condolences to the bereaved families. The artist has further taken a break from music production and social events to focus on recuperation."

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