Nadia Mukami And Arrow Bwoy Set To Release A Join EP Dubbed 'Love & Vibes'

[Image Source: Instagram]
Written by Brian Sikulu

Celebrated couple Arrow Bwoy and Nadia Mukami are set to release their first joint EP dubbed 'Love & Vibes' on 2nd June 2023. Nadia Mukami broke the news to her fans through a social media post where she shared the cover art of the EP. The two music stars were, however, careful not to spill more details about the upcoming EP. 

From the cover art and title of the EP, one can already guess that the dominant theme of the music project will be love. Given their seamless chemistry as a couple and artists, music fans and other stakeholders are anxious to see what the couple will gift their fans.

Nadia Mukami has been slightly inconsistent in releasing songs following the welcoming of her firstborn baby. The songster has released only one song in 8 months, although she has been featured on a number of tracks. The one song that she released is dubbed 'Superwoman' and it features Brandy Maina, Avril, Pryshon, and Wahu. The track advocates for women's empowerment and celebrates motherhood.

Prior to slowing down in releasing songs, Nadia Mukami dominated the airwaves with the 'Bundle of Joy' Ep which featured various artists including Arrow Bwoy."

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