Music Review: Wakadinali Releases Much-Anticipated 'Sikutambui' Music Video

[Image Source: Tuko News]
Written by Brian Sikulu

Kenyan Hip-Hop group Wakadinali has released the much-awaited 'Sikutambui' music video. The song, which was initially released as an audio, has dominated the airwaves and various music streaming platforms for weeks now. As at the time of the publication of this article, the track had gained more than 50,000 challenges on TikTok, making it one of the most viral Kenyan songs on the platform.

'Sikutambui' music video has equally captivated the attention of music lovers. The music video, which has been directed by Rango M, features cinematic shots of the artists performing the song live on stage at various events. The smooth transitions between different scenes make the video even more stunning. The editing of the video further makes it epic and eye-catching. The unique dance moves and choreography showcased in the video makes one glued to the track right from the beginning to the end. 

Music lovers have treated the track to a warm welcome. 'Sikutambui' has already climbed up the ladder to become the 7th most trending song on YouTube with hundreds of thousands of views. This is the second song from the music group in 2023. In February, Wakadinali released 'Rong Reggae' which equally enjoyed a lot of love and success.


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