Otile Brown Speaks Out Amid Disappearance Concerns From His Fans

[Image Source: Instagram]
Written by Brian Sikulu

Celebrated Kenyan singer and songwriter Otile Brown has addressed concerns from his fans over recent disappearance from the Kenyan music scene. A section of music lovers took to the comment section of Otile Brown's social media posts where they registered their worries, with some citing that his music has been underperforming. A number of the music enthusiasts pleaded with him to go back to his original music style.

The 'Jeraha' hit maker took a moment to address the concerns and assure his fans that he has everything under control. He told his fans not to doubt his music, adding that he will always remain on top of the game as long as good music is appreciated.

""There is only one bizee. Never doubt the boy as long as good music is appreciated,"" Otile Brown's statement read.

This is, however, not the first time that fans are expressing concern over Otile Brown recent activities in the music industry. In October, 2022, the singer was forced to explain to his local fanbase why he had transitioned from singing in the Swahili language to English. According to Otile Brown, the usage of Swahili was among the reasons that Kenyan music would have a hard time breaking into the global market. He explained that his new strategy of music composition was a step towards globalizing his music.

Otile Brown has, however, not been as silent as it appears. Although he changed his style of music, he has maintained consistency in releasing songs. He has released two songs in 2023; 'Malipo' and 'One Call Away' featuring Ruby. In 2022, the music star released 'Woman' featuring Tanzanian artist Harmonize. The song which has garnered over one million views on YouTube went into record as one of his biggest hit songs.


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