Music Review: Vic West Ft. Ben Soul, Savara, Thee Exit Band & Joefes 'Cool Me Down'

[Image Source: Instagram]
Writer: Brian Sikulu

Kenyan music producer, singer and song writer Vic West has made a comeback on the music scene courtesy of 'Cool Me Down' featuring Ben Soul, Savara, Thee Exit Band and Joefes. His latest track comes approximately six months after the music star dominated music charts with 'Kuna Kuna' hit song. Vic West who is known for his unique sound that taps into a variety of local music genres has not disappointed in 'Cool Me Down'.

The song starts with the chorus before Ben Soul takes the first chorus with his melodious voice. Savara then seamlessly joins in the second chorus. Thee Exit Band marinates the song with their sweet melodies. The fluid chemistry among the artists makes the inter-artists transitions in the song extremely smooth. The lyrism and poetry expressed in the song further makes it a masterpiece. 

The music video, on the other hand, has been directed by Dolls. Apart from the cinematic shots and transitions, the dancers and video vixens featured make the music video even more magnetic throughout the three minutes and thirty five seconds. Renowned business man Kabu Simon is the main vixen in the video which also features sensational rapper Boutross and popular choreographer Collo Blu. 

The whole project has been produced under Black Market Record label. The song has enjoyed a warm reception among music lovers. It has gained thousands of views on various music streaming platforms. 


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