Nviiri Calls Out The Government Over Proposal To Tax Entertainers And Musician

[Image Source: Instagram]
Writer: Brian Sikulu

Kenyan singer and song writer Nviiri The Story Teller has called out the government over its proposal to impose tax on digital content creators and musicians. Speaking through a statement that he shared with the public, Nviiri pointed out that the government needs to invest in the entertainment industry before actualizing its proposal. He went ahead to argue that musicians struggle to find their own means of getting an income from their career with zero help from the government.

The 'Pombe Sigara' hit maker claimed that the government needs to protect the rights of musicians and improve the state of the entertainment industry. He further noted that various government stakeholders need to host a discussion with creatives to find a proper way of imposing the tax.

"As entertainers we keep coming up with innovative ways of getting money and the system isn't playing any impactful role in helping. Now they want to tax these new concepts on the digital platforms. How about they start by making it easier for us to earn as young creatives by ensuring our rights are protected on the different platforms in place?" Nviiri Stated.

"How about they engage young creatives on finding solutions before making these decisions!? Where is Ezekiel Mutua in all this!? I'm willing to be engaged for solutions. Note: I have nothing against taxes, but let it be done Properly," he added.

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