Jay Bahd Releases New Song - Yaa Baby (Listen)

Photo: Jay Bahd/Instagram

By Kinyua Mwangi

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Rapper Jay Bahd has just released a new song ‘Yaa Baby’.

On the record, Jay Bahd is expressly praising this young and beautiful woman in his life. He sends his point home with an English chorus laced with Twi. Bahd eulogises this special woman citing that everyone wants a piece of her because she understands who she is and always pleases him. 

“Everybody chasing my baby fresh girl, young girl yaa baby testre(street) girl bi a mehyia no b33bi woy3 sure s3 woy3 girl ,Yah medi Moa mo chase no yaa date wose wonp3 Obiara aa one gallon love de3 naa d33bi,” the chorus goes. 

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‘Yaa Baby’ ticks all the boxes of a well-done song with a heavy beat, high tempo and a popular street-themed lyric story. Jay Bahd celebrates love while sharing the pressure of having a good woman by his side whom men always follow around. 

He delivers this song in a fashionable style. The fast rap accompanied by the synonymous heavy bass makes it an outstanding project produced by Joeyonmars. This is his second single for the year after the release of Anadwo in January 2023. 

He says that ‘Yaa Baby’ feeds his fans the thrill of Asakaa which is growing tremendously in Ghana. Listen to the new Jay Bahd - Yaa Baby via YouTube below: -

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