Brandy Maina Pokes Holes On The Kenyan Music Market

[Image Source: Instagram]

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Sensational Kenyan musician Brandy Maina has poked holes in the Kenyan music market. The youngster took to her social media pages where she pointed out that the local market does not appreciate artists accordingly. She expressed desire and hope for a positive change in the status quo.

Brandy Maina further stated how Kenyan creatives on a global level are successfully ripping off their careers. The 'Kuna Kuna' hitmaker conveyed the need for improvement in the value of music in the country. She cited that most artists are negatively affected because the industry does not reward their creativity.

"This country doesn't deserve creatives. I pray we all leave this toxicity. So happy for Majimbo damn. God, please open my doors, this can't be my home forever. It be your own that kill you," Brandy Maina stated.

A section of the netizens supported Brandy Maina's sentiments citing that appropriate plans should be put in place to ensure that artists are well compensated for their work. A good number of the netizens praised the songster's talent and hard work, with some adding that she deserves more. 

The vocalist previously announced that she has decided to invest the rest of the year in taking her music career to the next level. Brandy Maina has minimized collaborations for this year as Kenyans look forward to her debut EP.

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