'Empress Talk' Is Women’s Day Gift From Neliah To The World

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Today, the whole world is celebrating International Women’s Day, which is a special moment for all women and girls everywhere.

On such a great day, Ugandan female artist Neliah has a special message for all women around the globe, in her brand-new single dubbed ‘Empress Talk.’  

It should be noted that the focus for most people and organizations around the world currently is to empower women as much as possible and inspire them towards doing great things.

This is exactly the message that Neliah puts forward in ‘Empress Talk’, a song in which she endeavors to let the world know that women are empresses and ought to be treated as such.

From raising families to working in markets, doing construction works or running powerful corporate companies, Neliah makes it known to women in her song that they have the ability to do everything men can do.

 The best way to celebrate this year's Women’s Day is by blasting away Neliah’s ‘Empress Talk’ all day as you interact with your family or friends.

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