Watch Kweku Flick - High Official Music Video

Photo: YouTube

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Renowned hip hop star Kweku Flick has finally released the music video for ‘High’. The record is one of the hits under his latest EP ‘King of Melodies’ with seven tracks which he released in 2022. 

Kweku entertains his audience with this thrilling tune. He put a lot of work into making this rhythmic music, demonstrating his perseverance and self-assurance in the music industry. ‘High’ is so stimulating and energizing but carries with it a figurative message all along which becomes more vivid with the release of the official music video. The visuals of the song capture raw emotions as producer Khendi Beatz intended it to be right from the beginning. 

He uses Ghanaian youth to personify his theme ‘High’ showing a ticking time bomb that is smoking marijuana which is reducing young men to zombies. Kweku subtly passes the message with a parental guided control theme of 18 years and above to view the video.  ‘High’ music video is relatable and you can tell what message he is sending across even if you do not understand the language he uses. 

Kweku defended his choice of using his local dialect in the song saying that it speaks better to his people than any other language. Check out the music video below: -

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