Patoranking Releases His First 2023 Hit ‘Abobi’


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Nigerian dancehall-reggae singer Patoranking has released his first offering for 2023 ‘Abobi’. 

The new song has his usual dancehall signature vocal style with an outstanding rich, deep and soulful touch to it.

On ‘Abobi’ he deviates from his theme of love. Instead, he goes out on a social and administrative issue touching on security. 

The thinking behind the song seems inspired by the protracted battle between Nigerian forces and outlawed group Boko Haram. 

Also, earlier cases of indiscriminate killings by the police inspired ‘Abobi’ – the man who begs for his life when he meets a group of soldiers on his way home. 

His voice churns out the lyrics with character and a timbre distinction that paints a picture of his clarion call for Abobi’s life. 

Patoranking exudes his versatility in this song by changing his theme and focusing on a social issue with an energetic, melodic and powerful style.

Like in many of his songs, ‘Abobi’ has an infusion of Patoranking’s sense of emotion and sincerity that his fans resonate with. 

‘Abobi’ follows his last release Kolo Kolo which he featured Diamond Platnumz in. In his 2023 offering, you can feel Patoranking’s vocal charm and charisma just like in his 2022 hit Kolo Kolo.

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