Sarkodie Reveals He Has 800 Unreleased Songs


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With 18 years to his name in Ghana’s music industry, many people would think that rapper Sarkodie is headed for retirement but that’s not the case. 

He says that he is not done yet with music because he has at least 800 songs to release before calling in time. 

Speaking during an interview with Kojo Manuel on YFM’s The Dryv Show, Sarkodie he recorded most of his unreleased songs back when the passion to record lots of music burned deep in him.

He ended up with over 800 songs, some of which he is still working on. 

“I still have almost like close to 800 songs unreleased, some with one verse, no chorus and others no chorus, some with full songs,” he said. “So at that time it was just me recording a bunch of songs and I just had to like put them out there because I record a lot, now my pace is a bit slow down but yes, it was just me having a lot of songs and that era was just me trying to put something out.”

The drive to record these songs was a feeling of self-discovery and it came with different musical energy. 

Somehow, he never released most of these songs and they are his work-in-progress project. That’s why he is not about to retire until he releases them.

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