5 Major Successes Rema is Having in 2023 With ‘Calm Down’

Photo: Rema/Instagram

By Kinyua Mwangi

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When Rema released ‘Calm Down’ in March 2022, he might not have guessed that it would be his biggest song yet. The song is now regarded as the standout record off his debut ‘Rave & Roses’ album. 

Here are the major milestones this song has achieved in 2023.

  • Played in Saudi Arabia

A recent viral video of fans jamming to "Calm Down," in Saudi Arabia continues to add to his list of accomplishments. Hundreds of fans jammed to the song when Al-Nassr unveiled Portuguese footballer Cristiano Ronaldo to the team. 

The record brought the Mrsool stadium to a standstill. Rema in an Instagram post said that he is promoting African music throughout the Gulf and it makes him feel good.

  • Played at the Emirates Stadium

Miles away from Nigeria and Saudi Arabia, ‘Calm Down’ rocked Emirates Stadium in the UK. This was just days after a similar feat in Saudi and Rema celebrated it greatly on his socials.

  • US Afrobeats Charts

For 19 weeks leading to January 12, ‘Calm Down’ remix featuring Selena Gomez remained on top of the US Afrobeats charts which pundits say is such a huge achievement. The popular remix with Gomez has had a sporadic reign at the top, spending nearly half of its 42 weeks on the chart there.

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  • UK Official Chart 

Rema's "Calm Down" remix with Selena Gomez reached a new peak of NO. 8 in the most recent issue of the UK official singles chart in January 2023, extending its presence on the chart to 19 weeks.

  • No. 1 in India Charts

Rema is celebrating a new achievement with the success of his song "Calm Down," which is among the top songs in India. He posted a screenshot of the Indian Music Industry chart for the week ending January 9, which showed the song "Calm Down" at the top of the list.

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