Kleptomaniax Reunite At The Historic Shincity Event In Eldoret

[Image Source: Instagram]

Written By: Brian Sikulu

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Veteran Kenyan musician Nyashinski has earned praise from various stakeholders in the Kenyan music industry following the success of the Shincity event. The sold-out event, which took place at Eldoret Sports Club on Saturday night, saw thousands of music lovers come out to express support for the singer as well as get entertained. The event was full of energetic and memorable performances from Nyashinski and some of the top artists from the country.

One of the key highlights during the event was the reunion of the legendary Kleptomanix band that comprised Nyashinski, Collo, and Roba. The Hip Hop band rose to stardom around 2004 courtesy of their breakthrough song 'Tuendelee'. The band marked a successful era on the Kenyan music scene with not just top hit songs but historic achievements such as winning the  Best African Act at the MTV Europe Music Awards. Unfortunately, the band gradually faded away from the Kenyan music industry after almost a decade of success. The three thereafter pursued their music careers as independent artists.

Kleptomaniax entertained their fans with some of their top hit songs such as; 'Swing', 'Furahia', 'Magnetic', 'Psycho', 'Tamaa' and many others. Taking to his social media page later on after the event, Nyashinski stated that the band was still very much alive. The music star appreciated his fans for supporting the band citing that they were the reason why the group survived through 17 years in the music industry.

"Before Social Media. Before streaming. Before podcasts. Before Google Maps. Before Uber. There was Kleptomaniax. 17 years later it's still new… and we are still here… still us… and it's all because of you!" Nyashinski wrote online.

A section of the stakeholders has come out to congratulate Nyashinski for the immense success of his event, adding that it marked a new beginning for Kenyan artists.

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