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The internet has made it easy to share songs with listeners all over the world.

Why is there still a need for the distribution intermediary: can't the artist, you know, "do it themselves"? That's not really the case. Record distributors still play a key role in the recording chain, taking on three core responsibilities:  

  • Distribution Strategy: this is about getting the artist’s music out there
  • Royalties Allocation: passing down recording royalties back to rights owners.
  • Trade Marketing: this can involve promotional activities like playlisting, etc.

At Mdundo, we call these people - Content Providers/Record Labels; they are the ones that ensure we get all catalogues of songs we use for the curation of new DJ mixes every day. Hence, we have these top 2 CP mixes for you to check out:

    • YVE Digital Mix: If you go a day without listening to Amerado, Kweku Darlington, Sista Afia or Fameye, then you might just be missing out. How about their songs put together in a mix? You know already! Check it out - 

  • Lynx Entertainment DJ Mix: Ghana is always full of K’s. But let’s focus on Rockstar and everybody’s Sugar Daddy, Kuami Eugene and KiDi. Download and listen to a mix that has some of their coolest songs here - 

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