SWAT Matire to Unveil Official Video for 'Silalishi' Song Off Silalishi EP

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Swat Matire has some new single music coming up titled Silalishi. Swat has used his raspy deep voice to good use. Not only is he considered as one of the pioneers of the gengetone music genre but he is one of the greatest rappers in the country. He is a member of Ethic gengetone group but has worked on a couple of solo projects in the past years. His tracks are always intense and the best description for the best gengetone artist. Not one of his songs makes me feel like I dislike him, he always brings great lyrics and great performances and his radio one sessions and fire in the booth are just amazing!

Swat is still kicking down the door to the rap game having set to premier Silalishi Ep and song on 4th November 2022. He has also dropped Ex featuring Shekinah Karen, Whine (Take it down) with Band Beca and now  Katanuka just this year. He is an inspiration to the younger generation over the past 4 years as he dominated the industry with his catchy lyrics, mad collaborations and over the top video productions.

Swat Matire’s latest project ‘Silalishi’ is a tempting jam which without any shadow of a doubt is proof that he is not competing with anyone in the game, but following his own path to total dominance.
With ‘Silalishi’, fire-spitting Swat Matire once again breathes life into Kenya’s hip-hop realm, because nothing compares to his thrilling vibes.
With a jam like ‘Silalishi’ Swat Matire endeavours to continue the trend he has over time set as one of the exceptionally talented Kenyan rappers.

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