Bahati 'Mambo Ya Mhesh ', Lexsil 'This Love' and Other New Songs Released In Kenya

[Image Source: Bahati/Instagram]

Writer: Brian Sikulu

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Kenyan artists ushered in the month of October with a new top hit songs. With the year rolling into its last quarter, the majority of the artists are on their toes to make the year count. From top-established artists to fast-rising stars, the artists understood their assignment and did their best to not only entertain but also educate and touch the lives of their listeners through the songs.

Here are the top newly released songs in Kenya:

Mambo Ya Mhesh - Bahati

Celebrated singer and songwriter Bahati finally broke his long silence with a new song dubbed 'Mambo Ya Mhesh'. The song which has been treated to a warm reception among the fans was motivated by Bahati's unsuccessful political debut in the last general election. 'Mambo Ya Mhesh' doubles up as a love song and a club banger. Bahati takes a different approach and style in this new release. He has expressed versatility and prowess in different styles of music through the song.

The music video which has gained close to a million views on YouTube bears beautiful vixens dancing along to the song. One can tell that there was a lot of investment in terms of finance and creativity into the production of the song.

Ombi Langu - Ringtone Apoko Ft Zabron Singers

Veteran Kenyan gospel musician Ringtone is currently flying high courtesy of his new hit gospel song 'Ombi Langu' featuring Tanzanian band Zabron Singers. The song which is trending at number 16 on YouTube bears a strong message full of Christian values. 'Ombi Langu' is a personal prayer that expresses the need to stay in the presence of Jesus.

The chemistry between Ringtone and Zabron Singers is seamless and fluid. The voices of the artists in the song complement each other with the instrumentals gluing them together. This song is a perfect dedication to A Christian who is looking to uplift his or her spirit.

Tazama - Guardian Angel Ft Sophie Quinn

Multi-award-winning gospel music star Guardian Angel has dominated the airwaves thanks to his latest song 'Tazama' featuring upcoming star Sophie Quinn. Known for spreading the word of God and Christian virtues through his songs, Guardian Angel does not disappoint in the new release. 'Tazama' is a praise song that preaches about the the blessings of God upon a Christian.

The audio of the song has been produced by Vicky Pon Dis.

This Love - Lexsil

Fast-rising Kenyan R&B and Afropop sensation Lexsil has dominated various music charts with 'This Love'. The new track is a love song in which the singer narrates how he has become a captive of his partner's love. The poetry expressed in the lyrics of the song makes it a masterpiece.

The music video further bears a corresponding storyline that keeps one glued to the screen. The creative shots and the marriage between the song and the video makes it outstanding.

Vaida - Harry Richie

Vernacular 'Luhya' musician Harry Richie has finally released the music video for his viral song 'Vaida'. The song went viral on TikTok and gained the attention of social media users. It became one of the top trending sounds on various social media platforms. The music video which is currently trending at number six on YouTube was shot in the upcountry side of Kenya to bring out the African traditional set up.

'Vaida' is a love song that expresses the immense love between lovers who are in a long-distance relationship. In the chorus of the song, the singer tells his partner to give him a call whenever she misses him. He further praises her beauty and physical attributes.

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