STL, Collo apologise for studio blunder!

Kenyan-Norwegian star Stella Mwangi and rapper Collo have apologised for ‘leaked’ explicit recording which featured lyrics about sexual activity in studio.

Both stars have taken to social networks to offer their heartfelt apologies to all fans offended by what some saw as insensitive.

STL and Collo posted on their Facebook accounts a similar message;

--- In an increasingly cautious world, we may choose to step out of our comfort zone and take a risk while in studio, our creative refuge. Some sessions are just messing about, pushing boundaries before a recording. Link inauthentic. Apologies to whom it offends ---

The track causing a stir is tittled ‘Kudinyana’ and apparently was recorded last year around November-December during the making of ‘Floss Na Wewe’ with Mimmo.

Simply put, the content was only a studio session meant to never ever go beyond the studio’s four walls, but how it got leaked and who was responsible still remains a nightmare.

There we go, apology accepted.

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