Canadian-Based Kenyan Rapper K-Hot Msanii Giving Back To The Community

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The world is still full of people who have very good hearts and who are willing to share what they have with others who need a helping hand. Some of the people who have kept us entertained with their gift of music have reached into their pockets to pay back some of the support their fans have shown by buying their music and attending their concerts by donating to worthy causes. They have risen to the top without forgetting their humble roots and have decided to give back to their communities.

Canadian-based Kenyan rapper K-HOT is one of the most generous artists and most talented entertainers in the music business today, but he’s also got a heart of pure gold. Among his many contributions, he re-launched his music label Hot Label Muziq by giving back to the community to elevate and restore talent. He also supports a variety of charitable organizations and good causes. He recently signed his first artist known as Logical Arok.

K-HOT is a young and ambitious music artist who is willing to change the fades that his community going through, he has been through a tough life but God opened doors for him, and now he's giving back to the community by encouraging everyone out there, it’s never too late or no conditions are permanent.

With the changing times, every person requires a hand to hold them when they are weak, an ear to listen when the silence is mere and a smile to reassure them that all is going to be fine. Most of us think of giving back as a way of sharing excess of what we have or giving away what we do not need.

The artist’s signature high-energy songs and distinct flow set him apart; and through alternating Swahili Sudanese and English, he continues to create a diverse sound while remaining true to his Kenya-Sudanese roots. 


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