Lynne Aswani Drops Her Debut EP ‘Through My Lense’

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Kenyan singer Lynne Aswani is here with her debut EP titled “Through My Lens”.

The EP officially dropped on 3rd June 2022 and all the 7 songs are now available on all major streaming platforms.

In her own words – “I decided to release an EP due to the influence of Adele’s album, 30; The way she was vulnerable in her music gave me the confidence to do an EP after previously releasing singles. I had so many songs in my songbook that I felt needed to see the light of day because I know as a musician, I’m a vessel to the world; my music being a mirror of society. I chose the name “Through My Lens” because the music in the EP covers songs from the year 2014 that are my experiences and the experiences of those around me. I felt the need to voice out what I am/was feeling and also what other people fail(ed)/fear(ed) to express.”

Here’s an overview of each song on the EP:

In vain is a description of my journey as an artist since I went professional in it. It also captures the struggles that any human being faces in life whenever they are trying to pursue their dreams or achieve a goal.

Even though is a song that covers struggles one undergoes trying to cover pain out of shame of what outside voices will say. It covers what I failed to express or acknowledge while I was being bullied.

Kaburi voices the stages of grief that come with being hurt by a romantic partner; it speaks on the confusion, pain, agony, healing, cycles of being triggered and affirming oneself that they will bury the hurt and only be left with a mark/scar.

Try to heal voices the emotional rollercoaster of letting go of love due to manipulation that one underwent in a relationship; It seeks to find comprehension and validation in a relationship. Also, it depicts speaking to yourself with the goal of finding healing.

Sitachezwa is an affirmation/reminder that I will not allow anyone to toy with my heart or emotions, to build grey areas with me, invalidate my feelings, issue empty words and project their insecurities; I’m affirming myself too.

Elevate is a song to affirm me, that despite the pain I’ve been through, I’ll rise.

The debut EP ends with a song titled Wherever you are, which is a tribute to our loved ones who have transitioned/died.


Lynne is a singer, songwriter, performing and recording artist based in Kenya. Her passion for music began when she was 4 years old. She nurtured her talent in singing by performing in school and church. She started doing music professionally in December 2016, after high school, when she joined a band called “Shade Mziki”. Together they did a couple of live performances at a lot of functions including weddings and graduation parties.

In 2019, Lynne joined Sauti Academy, where she upskilled her songwriting, performance, and arrangement; she won United States International University- Kenya Got Talent, and in 2020 organized her first event called Sunrise with Aswani, where she performed a live set for 1 hour at The Michael Joseph Centre in Nairobi, Kenya.

In 2020 she released her first single Ndiyakuthanda followed by her second one on 27th August 2021 titled, Communicate. On 25th April 2022, she released her first collaboration, Isikuti, in collaboration with Gsoul, Soulpoizen, and Blomzit Avenue from South Africa.

Lynne’s aim as a songwriter is to incorporate different genres and styles into her work, creating a different world for each composition. 

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