Jua Cali ‘Sherehe’ ft VDJ Jones: New Music Kenya [Official Video]

[Image Source: Jua Cali Instagram]

By Omondi

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Veteran Kenyan Genge musician Jua Cali has released a new song dubbed ‘Sherehe’ featuring VDJ Jones.

‘Sherehe’ is a Swahili phrase that loosely translates to ‘party’.

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In ‘Sherehe’, Jua Cali notes that he has forgotten about his problems and is all about enjoying the party and having good times with friends.

“Watu wameshiba, wanacheka tu. Wengine tipsy pia wakimeza…Tuko sherehe tunasherekea…,” the song’s lyrics read in part.

Shot in a pool, the video features Jua Cali and a group of vixens enjoying a pool party with lots of foods and drinks, while VDJ Jones entertains them on the deck.

‘Sherehe’ is Jua Cali’s first project of 2022. Jua Cali is expected to release an album later this year.

Despite being around for over 20 years, Jua Cali has managed to maintain his relevance and is still one of the best Genge musicians in the country.

Explaining how he has managed to remain relevant in the competitive and ever-changing music industry, Jua Cali noted that the secret has been staying up-to-date and adjusting his music to fit the current trends.

He further noted that he hangs out and interacts with several new generation artists, thus learning from them, while also sharing nuggets of wisdom.


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