Skales - “Nobody 2 Somebody”[New Music Nigeria]

[Photo: Skales ]

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Multi-talented Nigerian artiste Skales is back with another banger ‘Nobody to Somebody’ out now on all digital platforms.

Skales’ latest, the dexterously named “Nobody 2 Somebody,” sees the singer give a concise retelling of his life story while offering motivation for anyone hoping to make the same jump in life conditions. Opening with an intonation reminiscent of swinging 80s gospel, “Nobody 2 Somebody” moves through a series of situations that sees Skales urge his audience to keep at their work a bit to make a success of their life as he simultaneously prepares for the release of his next project.

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Across a career that has now stretched into its 12th active year, Skales has risen from talented wunderkind to become a veritable Afropop icon with a catalogue swelling with a variety of songs that are steeped in the international rise of the genre, but Skales is not a one-trick pony.

Deep into Nigeria’s COVId-19-enforced lockdown, he channelled the spirit of the times on his  Healing Process EP, a meditative body of work that found him in a contemplative mood, recounting the price and process that took him to the peak of his profession. a

Much of the singer’s output in 2021 was a return to the pop hit-making form that has seen him ascend to the top of the genre. Songs like “Kayefi,” found him musing over the concept of finding romantic companionship while “This Your Body,” a Davido-featuring banger was a thesis on the delights of a partner’s body. However, the release of “I Dey Miss You,” a runway ballad with Imanse hinted at the beginning of a new attempt at capturing the joys of his life on wax.

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