‘Shamra Shamra Remix’: Mbuzi Gang ft. John Blaq, Wyre, Naiboi, Felista, Gabu, Frasha & Kristoff [Official Video]

[Image Source: Mbuzi Gang Instagram]

By Brian Sikulu

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Celebrated Gengetone group Mbuzi Gang has released the remix of their viral song ‘Shamra Shamra’.

‘Shamra Shamra’ is a party song and expresses the good feeling gained from parties.

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"Haka ka-dame kazuri joh kako vero. Kisham-sham kinyam kitam-tam. Shuka na ngeus siezi mind ata kapedo. Dame ni kafupi kanapenda magendo. Ngoma ni kali uliza Makurutu gang gang. Imebaki shangwe, kelele na nderemo (wueh!). Shamra-shamra kelele na nderemo (ayayaya!). Shamra shamra kelele na nderemo (wueh!)," Shamra Shamra lyrics read in part.

The original song was released a year ago and it featured Mbuzi Gang, Joefes and Mejja. It became an instant hit and went viral gaining over 8 million views on YouTube.

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The remix version has gotten even better and has brought together some of the top acta from Kenya and Uganda.

The artists featured on the remix include; John Blaq, Wyre, Naiboi, Felista, Gabu, Frasha, and Kristoff. The song has been produced by Kashkeed under Black Market Records which has signed Mbuzi Gang.

The video of the song is in line with its theme. It features the artists having a good time as they drop their lines.


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