Ruth Ngendo Breaks Down after Receiving Collaboration from Sheebah Karungi

[Image Source: Ruth Ngendo Instagram]

By Gloria

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Fast-rising Ugandan musician Ruth Ngendo was recently overwhelmed by emotions after Sheebah Karungi gave her a feature on a yet to be released song.

While shooting the video of the song, Ruth Ngendo couldn't hold back her tears as she fell in Sheebah's arms, thanking her for the support.

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"I don't have much to see but who am I? Sheebah, I know you don't like me on my knees but allow me to say thank you. Many people are actually looking for this but I'm blessed to have you on this shoot. I just pray for one thing, If you ever see me fall down, just hold my hand because this is a dream come true," Ruth said as she cried in moments captured by Cruz.

Sheebah on the other hand praised Ruth for her talent, expressing how happy she was to help out.

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“She is so beautiful with an amazing voice. Sometimes it's not about talent but the platform that's why I wanted her to be perfect because I want people to see her for who she is.

Sheebah started her journey at the lowest level and worked all the way to the top. Her success story includes nurturing young talent and helping them establish their careers in the Ugandan music industry.


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