Bebe Cool Criticises Spice Diana for Collaborating with Zuchu

[Image Source: Spice Diana Instagram]

By Gloria

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Ugandan artist Bebe Cool has taken a swipe at Spice Diana for collaborating with Zuchu from Tanzania, stating that she should have invested the money on a solo project.

According to Bebe Cool, Spice Diana went below her standards when she travelled to Tanzania to work with Zuchu.

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"Why would Spice Diana fly to Tanzania to do a song with a new small artist who ain't famous? It would have made sense if she had opted for Diamond Platnumz.

"The problem they have, they never push the songs on their side and it becomes difficult for the song to trend in Uganda because fans don't know the artist. The project will just die down and make an artist lose all her money invested,” he argued.

In 2020, Bebe Cool listed Spice Diana as one of his best artists but believes she has declined this year because of such collaborations.

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"Spice Diana is a hustler but I think this time, she didn't perform as well this time like I expected. She will have to agree that there's a need to work both hard and smart.

"Had Spice Diana spent that money on a solo project here, it would be competitively on top to a point that she wouldn't need to look for such an artist who I don't even know. She is selling Zuchu here but still not trending in Tanzania," Bebe Cool said.

He, hailed Spice Diana for the job well done with her hit collaborations (Body ft. Nince Henry and Ready ft. Fik Fameica), but advised her to focus more on singles to establish her brand.

"She should focus on more singles because her top songs last year were only collaborations. You lose your confidence as an artist amidst stiff competition," he argued.

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