Fathermoh ‘Benga Na Mugithi’ ft. Swat Matire, Joefes, Odi Wa Murang’a & Harry Craze [Official Video]

[Image Source: Kenyan Muziki]

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Gengetone Rapper Fathermoh has released a new music song titled ‘Benga Na Mugithi' featuring Swat Matire, Joefes, Odi Wa Murang’a and Harry Craze.

As the name suggests, ‘Benga na Mugithi’ is a classic song with well-furnished and good-sounding beats that are a joy listening to.

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Mugithi is a music genre originating from the Kikuyu Community and is also enjoyed by other ethnic Groups. It is a song sung by single singer accompanied by a guitar.

Fathermoh real names Joseph Otieno Ojwang was born in Nairobi. On regular days, he pictures himself to be an actor or some sort of entertainer.

He joined the Mbuzi Gang crew in 2019 completing the triangle and has been shining ever since. Apart from having a secretive life, he really is funny.


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