CHARTS: New Faces On The Most Downloaded Charts

The beauty of music is that it’s so vast and diverse that it can never be congested. Just when you think you’ve seen every possible thing there is to see in music, someone goes ahead and pulls a ‘Jack in the box’. Well, these are the artists that are making waves everywhere as much as they don’t have much in their fame basket:


Download Barakah Da Prince - SIACHANI NAWE

Download  Rhymaholic MVI - Definition

Download K.O - One Time

Download Zeff Weke - Niinue

Download Collins Rando - This mystical

Download Stopa The Rhymecca - STRESS

Download Young Killer - Dear Gambe feat. Belle 9

Download Dj Kaptula - Chelang'at

Download Trizah B - Niambie


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