Khaligraph Jones ‘Khali Cartel 4’ ft. Katapilla, Shekina Karen, Murasta ,Achicho, Elisha Elai & Ben-c [Official Video]

[Image Source: Nairobi Wire]

By Omondi

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Celebrated Kenyan musician Khaligraph Jones has released a new song dubbed ‘Hali Cartel 4’ featuring Katapilla, Shekina Karen, Murasta ,Achicho, Elisha Elai and Ben-c.

‘Khali Cartel 4’ is the fourth edition of the Khali Cartel series. The Khali Cartel series is an intiative by Khaligraph meant to empower and give a platform to young rappers.

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‘Khali Cartel 4’ featured top 6 finalists from the Odinare Challenge spearheaded by Khaligraph Jones.

The Project was handled by Blu Ink Corp, Instrumental created by Aress 66, Vinc on The beat &Khaligraph.

‘Khali Cartel 4’ comes two years after Khaligraph dropped Khali Cartel 3 featuring Bey T, Breeder, Silverstone, Rekles and Chiwawa.

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