Wanavokali Release New ‘Wanavokali: The Album

[Image Source: Capital News]

By Omondi

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Celebrated Kenyan music group Wanavokali has released a new self-titled album.

Wanavokali: The Album is an 11-song project that tells the story of the group having been in the industry for the past three years.

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The Wanavokali album features several genres including; Rhumba, Gospel and Gengetone.

Listening to the album, you get to appreciate the collective and individual talent showcased by members of the group as each take a lead on a song.

Only H_art the Band has been featured on the album that is mostly about Wanavokali.

The songs that make up the album include;

  1. Rhumba
  2. Reasons ft H_art The Band
  3. Trying
  4. You
  5. Revolution
  6. Gratitude Song
  7. Nitangoja
  8. Love is in the Air
  9. Amani
  10. What A Time
  11. Kula Tatu


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